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Engagement Ring 14kt White Gold with 18kt Yellow Gold Leaf and Embellishment


Wedding and Engagement Rings

High Point Jewelry offers beautiful rings that feature embossed gold leaves in a stunning contemporary design. These rings are offered as mounts, meaning they come without a diamond. If you would like us to include a diamond on your ring, you can take advantage of our exclusive Diamond Buying Service, details can be found just below.

The High Point Jewelry Diamond Buying Service.

High Point Jewelry is run by Glenn Murray, a master-jeweler and gemologist with over 35-years experience working with some of the biggest diamond and gemstone cutters and manufacturers in the world. Glenn knows jewelry, and he understands the intricate and complicated network of the diamond industry better than almost anyone you’ll ever meet.

If you would like us to obtain a diamond for your ring, Glenn will be your guide. Tell him what type of diamond you would like (size, shape, quality) and he will personally source the perfect stone for you… almost always at prices that are well below the market, and simply cannot be matched anywhere else.

He is able to obtain the best diamond for your budget because he uses his considerable worldwide network to bypass distributors and retailers. The result: you’ll get the largest, nicest diamond for your budget.

Now you can get a gorgeous diamond that will exceed your expectations – without breaking the bank. Contact us and arrange a call with Glenn. He will personally walk you through the process and explain all the details.

Note: Glenn will only obtain diamonds for people that purchase a ring mounting from High Point Jewelry. Sorry, but this is an exclusive service reserved only for customers of High Point Jewelry.

To contact Glenn and get more information on our incredible diamond buying service, please send an email to: Glenn@highpointjewelry.com

Thank you, and we wish you all the best on this exciting journey of life!

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