An American Original

Glenn Murray was the Co-Founder and Creative Director at High Point Jewelry. He passed on November 30, 2021. But this isn’t a story about his passing, it’s about his life... and what a life he had!
There are few people you might be lucky enough to ever meet that have such a love for life, enthusiasm for all things, and positive outlook as Glenn Murray. He led a life of adventure and passion, with a zestful nature that’s all too rare.

Glenn started his adult career in the Coast Guard, where he was able to indulge his desire to see the world. He remained a proud “Coastie” and a patriotic veteran throughout his life.

Upon his discharge from active military service, he transferred to the reserves and became a recruiter – a position for which he was perfectly suited with his outgoing personality and irrepressibly perfect smile.

After leaving that post, Glenn found his life-long calling in gemology. He was employed with several international gemstone and jewelry companies, and happily travelled the world for his work.

The life suited him perfectly, however, staying on the ground seemed a bit mundane so he obtained his private pilot's license and began his new adventures in the sky. He piloted both airplanes and hot air balloons, and participated in many balloon rallies and Albuquerque Balloon Fiestas.

After years in the sky, he traded his wings for some wheels and became a Harley Davidson enthusiast. Not willing to do anything at less than 100%, Glenn took many long-distance road trips, including to Sturgis and Milwaukee, and cross-country all the way from Scottsdale to the corner of Maine.

It was on a blind date motorcycle ride that Glenn met the love of his life, a cowgirl then based in Los Angeles. Pamela Kay Donner was quickly convinced to substitute equine for motorcycles and both lives were then forever intertwined. After a beautiful courtship, the two were married, and their adventures thereafter were legendary.

Glenn decided that he wanted to spend more time at home with his beautiful bride, so he left the gemstone business and formed his own family jewelry company centered around the cannabis industry, which happily coincided with Pam's his daughter, Genifer’s business interests.

The three became the backbone of the world’s first premium-quality, cannabis-inspired jewelry company - with Pam handling the business affairs, Genifer acting as the brand ambassador, and Glenn creating all of the unique jewelry designs.

Glenn insisted on using only the highest quality materials and real gemstones, and thereby created what was and still is, the only “luxury” cannabis-inspired jewelry company.

Soon word got out and the company was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Elle, Forbes, and many other prominent national publications. The company became well-known in the cannabis industry, and much-loved by thousands of devotees who would always make a point of stopping by the company’s booth at numerous trade shows, to say hi to Glenn and see his new designs. To Glenn, each customer was like a member of the family, and with seemingly boundless energy, he would never tire to talking with anyone on virtually any subject of their choice.

In November, 2021, as Glenn was preparing to mount his motorcycle for a ride with friends, he suffered a fatal heart attack.

The company continues to be run by Pam and her dedicated team. The jewelry is still all of Glenn’s original designs.

Glenn had a phrase that he used often. "Enjoy the journey," he used to say.

We know that he did.