High Point Jewelry’s heritage is deeply rooted within the legal cannabis industry.

Our founders have been instrumental in helping promote a safe and legal cannabis, with a history that includes operating one of the first licensed testing facilities, serving on the Colorado Governor’s Cannabis Task Force, helping establish and advising women-oriented trade associations, operating extraction and manufacturing facilities, owning a popular dispensary and CBD store, and working with leading politicians to craft fair and equitable cannabis legislation.

We were originally named GENIFER M Jewelry, today, we are High Point Jewelry. Our name change reflects both our company’s and the industry’s evolution, and parallels the acceptance of cannabis throughout the world. As more and more states and countries legalize cannabis for adult or medical use, we wanted to reach out to more customers with our higher end jewelry.

We now have three distinct lines of jewelry:

High Point Jewelry is the name of the company, and High Point is also the name of our premium gold, platinum and diamond line, along with several select gemstone designs!  Our best pieces are included in this extraordinary collection.

GenM Collection is our line of .925 sterling silver, and includes beautiful items & unique designs in a wide range of price points.

The Molecule Collection features our unique and much-loved earrings and necklaces based on our distinctively designed CBD and THC molecule. These popular pieces are available in a variety of gold and silver metals, and an assortment of beautiful gemstones.