Glenn Murray, Co-Founder of GENIFER M & expert gemologist

Designer of the original GENIFER M cannabis-inspired line of luxury marijuana leaf jewelry, Glenn Murray is no stranger to jewelry design and jewelry manufacturing. For over 35 years, he worked as a representative for some of the nation’s leading jewelry manufacturers including Feature Ring Company and A. Jaffe Co. Prior to creating this luxury line of cannabis-inspired marijuana leaf jewelry, Mr. Murray worked for a diamond cutting firm under the world renowned DeBeers Diamond Trading Company located in Johannesburg South Africa.

A highlight of Mr. Murray’s tenure included taking diamond and jewelry clients to South Africa so they could experience the diamond business first hand and immerse themselves in South African history and culture. Mr. Murray and his clients would visit Victoria Falls in Zambia, private game camps and reserves adjacent to Kruger National Park, the DeBeers diamond mines, the DeBeers headquarters in Johannesburg, and the diamond sorting house in Kimberley. 

While in Kimberley, Mr. Murray and his guests were given the privilege of touring the underground diamond mines, deep inside a volcanic pipe, to see first hand, where the diamonds are found. Mr. Murray was also honored with the privilege of touring a South African gold mine, entering from a shaft more than 6000 feet below the earths surface. This gold mine tour culminated with a “gold pour,” a huge caldron of molten gold being poured in a pyramid of forms that when cooled, became pure gold bricks, each of which so heavy they were impossible to pick up with one hand, overall gold weight of the pour well over 100 pounds.

Mr. Murray served in the United States Coast Guard for four years and attended Colorado University. He also attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where he studied Diamonds, Colored Gemstones and Gem Identification.