International Women's Day 2023


International Women's Day

Cannabis is an excellent example of the divine feminine in a society ruled by masculine energy. Not only do we imagine a gender-equal world for humanity, but also a cannabis-equal world. In this perfect world, cannabis and women have diversity, equitability, and inclusivity. Just as we celebrate cannabis for its difference and value, women are. This month of March, we will collectively #EmbraceEquity and #EmbraceCannabis.

In recent decades, the demand for female representation has increased. However, most industries still struggle to find an equal gender balance. Finding a fair, equal balance is particularly true for leadership roles in the workplace. Fortunately for women, cannabis has been a haven, with an incredible number of female executives. A study conducted in 2019  showed at least 37% of executive-level positions in cannabis were female. Compared to the national average for other industries at only 21%, why wouldn't women want to work with cannabis?
Report: Female, minority executives lose ground in marijuana industry
It has been many years since the birth of cannabis legalization, and cannabis has gained widespread acceptance as a consumer good. In the current cannabis market, the once lush environment for women to grow has been starting to dry out. Large corporate giants, run by men, have infiltrated the industry and are attracted to the big dollars that continue to pour into the marketplace.
Women and Weed
Like sharks attracted to blood, corporate men bring danger in the form of gender discrimination to the cannabis industry. With this newfound threat to the gender-equal balance as women, let's not forget that our roots in this industry run deep—no matter the challenges of being a woman in cannabis, female representation matters.
Cannabis connects us all, both men and women, from medicine to agriculture and more. Including women in the cannabis industry is crucial as it proliferates. Corporations and investors must pay attention to gender inclusivity and diversity to remain sustainable. Multiple studies have shown that women leaders have happier employees who stay employed longer. Employees feel respected, valued, and understood under female leadership. The workplace is starving for a more feminine approach with understanding, compassion, and connection.  
Equality will not happen in a male-dominated field. Now more than ever, support for women-owned businesses is critical.

Equality will not happen in a male-dominated field. Now more than ever, support for women-owned businesses is critical. Cannabis is a space built for women, by women, and that needs to be protected. Women can support gender and social fairness, inclusion, and innovation. Cheers to all the women who continue to break the grass ceiling daily; we thank you.

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