Cannabis Inspired Jewelry for the Sophisticated Weed Consumer GENIFER M Launches New Collection


The leading luxury jewelry company in the cannabis industry, GENIFER M, launched two new collections; The Gentleman's Collection and The Healing Collection. As the first handcrafted cannabis inspired jewelry company in the U.S., GENIFER M was created to inspire, empower, and spark a conversation about cannabis in an approachable and fashionable way. Artisan designed in the U.S. using the highest quality diamonds and precious metals, GENIFER M aims to elevate the perception of “pot culture” with modern and elegant designs that create a cannabis couture lifestyle.

Owned and operated by Genifer Murray, a longtime cannabis advocate, and her father, Glenn Murray, a technically trained and internationally recognized gemologist with more than 40 years of jewelry industry experience, each GENIFER M jewelry piece is designed by the father-daughter duo featuring a modern take on the classic marijuana leaf. 

With everyday gentlemen in mind, GENIFER M releases The Gentleman's Collection, where cannabis couture meets men’s jewelry. Previously catering to a women focused demographic, GENIFER M is expanding to cater to all cannabis supporters seeking luxurious, artisan jewelry. The Gentleman’s Collection includes signature artisan designs such as diamond pave and sterling silver Italian cuff bracelet, onyx beaded bracelet, braided leather bracelet, sterling silver sativa leaf dog tag, and platinum gold cuff links and tie tacks. 

“I wanted to create luxurious men’s jewelry line that inspires cannabis users and supporters to embrace their passion and beliefs and to open a discussion about topics of cannabis,” said Genifer Murray, co-founder of GENIFER M, adding, “I plan to expand GENIFER M’s client base and cater to all different cannabis supporters who crave a chic cannabis lifestyle.” 

 With the new Healing Collection, GENIFER M focuses on educating the everyday consumer on the positive healing properties of cannabis. Each month, the company will debut a limited edition jewelry collection that celebrates, supports, educates, and empowers conversations about the healing benefits of cannabis in coordination with each month’s National Health Observance. The Healing Collection’s first piece, The Pink Sapphire Sativa Pendant, is to release October 1, in accordance with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

 With more than seven years in the cannabis industry, Genifer Murray is a pioneer and influential female leader, including president and founder at CannLabs, one of the first cannabis testing labs in the U.S., and she was a founding member of the Women’s CannaBusiness Network, which was a part of The National Cannabis Industry Association; this organization was the foundation for Women Grow. Murray lobbied for cannabis regulation, banking and the 280E tax problem. She also served on the Governor’s Task Force in Colorado helping to implement Amendment 64 to end cannabis prohibition. She is a board member of Flowering Hope, an organization that helps provide cannabis medicine to patients that can’t afford it. Murray continues to be an active advocate for changing the way people think, see and interact with cannabis.

GENIFER M’s jewelry collection features more than 50 pieces, including necklaces, earrings, pendants, and pins available in sterling silver, 14 and 18 karat gold, including rose, white, and yellow gold. GENIFER M’s La Reina Collection features handcrafted diamond pave designs, with pieces ranging from one single diamond to pieces with more than 3.5 carats total diamond weight. GENIFER M also creates fully custom jewelry, including custom stones, design, metal and artisan designs, personally crafted for the consumer’s individual style and needs. 

“I aim to provide a platform in which people can fully express their knowledge, hopes, and passion for the healing properties of cannabis in a classic and stylish way,” said Genifer Murray, adding, “The Healing Collection will not only raise awareness on conditions and the benefits of cannabis, but we will be donating a percentage of our proceeds to the organization associated with the jewelry piece.” 

All of GENIFER M’s collections are sold online at, with prices starting at $35. 

For more information about GENIFER M, or to join the movement and start a conversation about what cannabis means to you, please visit To contact GENIFER M, please call 480-629-4951 or email info(at) 


GENIFER M, the first artisan luxury cannabis inspired jewelry company in the U.S., aims to inspire, empower, educate, and start a conversation about cannabis. Handcrafted in the U.S., each GENIFER M piece is designed to inspire women to embrace their passion and to open a discussion about topics of cannabis, creating a space in which you can fully express your beliefs, hopes and passion for cannabis. Launched by Genifer Murray, GENIFER M’s mission is to elevate the conversation and celebrate the healing properties of cannabis, with style and grace, to help make a difference in people’s lives.